2022 'Life is a Magnificent Ride' Calendar

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With all orders placed prior to December 1, 2021 Jen will do her very best to have them arrive before Christmas. She is currently printing orders as they are received.

For the past 7 years, the calendar has become a way for me to provide a little whimsy, inspiration and fun to your year. The idea began as a way for Jen to express her love of the bicycle and continues to be so. She enjoys the process of creating the art and finding an inspirational quote to accompany each month. In addition to the art and quotes there is a list of traditional and fun holidays for each month. This is a completely "in-house" project. Jen does the art and the months while her husband does the formatting and printing and then she completes each calendar by doing the binding. By purchasing this calendar you are supporting our very small family owned business.

Calendars can also be purchased directily from Jen's Art, Gifts, and Books by clicking HERE.

Learn more about Jen and her art at www.jenfisherbooks.com.