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Ride Illinois is aiming to partner with Anthill Films on project(s) to highlight the Illinois cycling community!

If you believe in power of cycling in Illinois; how it can positively impact your passion, our people and our planet – you’ll enjoy all content created by Anthill Films.

Individual and corporate donations will help us reach a fundraising goal of $100,000 by mid-summer 2021. It’s a steep climb, but with your donations it’s a team effort to elevate the impact of cycling here in Illinois!

Why Illinois belongs in this film:

  • Our cycling culture keeps growing in IL - all abilities, ages, income levels have safer access to the paths, trails and roads in Illinois. With more awareness and support we can achieve greater impact.
  • Ride Illinois is working to become a top 5 state on the League of American Cyclists bike friendly state ranking by 2025. Ride Illinois is focusing on Safety, Education, Community, Health, Environment and Access to get us there. This Film is fully aligned with our values. 
  • Cycling brings about $144 Million annually in revenue to the state - According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis U.S. Department of Commerce. 
  • When out biking, cyclists support communities of all sizes. By bringing more awareness to Illinois' cycling culture, people from many walks of life will benefit. 
  • The cycling industry awaits Anthill’s feature films and we can bring worldwide attention to our efforts in Illinois. 

Ride Illinois, the nonprofit bike advocacy organization has been making Illinois better through biking since 1992. We're excited to share this unique opportunity to spotlight our state!

Individual and corporate donations are tax deductible per IRS regulations. 

We have established the following donation levels and thank you gifts:

For Individuals

$15 Social Support

  • We will add your email to provide fundraising updates
  • At the end of the fundraising effort you will receive a thank you email for your support in this effort from Ride Illinois

$200 Donation

  • One-year Ride Illinois Household membership ($60 value)
  • ILove Biking sticker

For Businesses and Corporations

$1,000 Donation

  • One-year Partner Level Ride Illinois Corporate Membership and associated benefits
  • Link to company website on fundraiser page
  • ILove Biking sticker

$2,500 Donation

  • Small logo on fundraiser page
  • One-year Bronze Level Ride Illinois Corporate Membership and associated benefits
  • One ILove Biking sweatshirt

$5,000 Donation

  • 1-hour Smart Cycling training session for employees
  • Medium logo on fundraiser page
  • Two-year Silver Level Ride Illinois Corporate Membership and associated benefits
  • One ILove Biking sweatshirt

$25,000 Donation

  • Three 1-hour Smart Cycling training sessions for employees
  • Anthill Films and Ride Illinois swag
  • Large logo on fundraising portal page
  • Three-year Gold Level Ride Illinois Corporate Membership and associated benefits
  • Two ILove Biking sweatshirts 

$50,000 Donation

  • Invitation to the film set for the Anthill Film (location in Illinois TBD)
  • Swag from Anthill Films and Ride Illinois
  • Large logo on the fundraiser page
  • Four-year Platinum Level Ride Illinois Corporate Membership and associated benefits
  • Three ILove Biking sweatshirts

ILove Biking Sweatshirt (for donations of $1,000 or more)

NOTE: funds raised that are not used for the Anthill Films project will be used to enhance Ride Illinois content, such as BikeSafetyQuiz.com. All funds raised during this campaign will be used in line with the Ride Illinois mission.